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Shenzhen Jinke Panther waterproof material Co. Ltd is a professional R & D and production of JS polymer cement waterproof coating, JS waterproof polymer cement mortar modifier, 911 polyurethane waterproof coating, K11 waterproof paint, latex paint, water leakage, such as tile adhesive waterproof building materials, is one of the earliest R & D and production of JS cement composite polymer waterproof coating company. Independent research and development of the Black Panther Jinke waterproof coating, this series of products is a key recommendation of the Ministry of construction waterproof material, belonging to the national advocate green environmental protection products, with high strength waterproof, high elongation, good flexibility, breathable waterproof, strong adhesion, no hollowing, freeze-thaw resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, cold construction, can wet operation, simple construction, wide application range, short curing time, time-saving, non-toxic and other comprehensive advantages, is the main waterproof products now and in the future of building waterproof engineering!

According to the actual needs of all kinds of waterproof engineering. Such as: rooftop spa, swimming pool, bridge, tunnel, Wei bath room, bath long-term seepage zone, inner and outer wall of building waterproofing system, we design a variety of waterproof coating formulations, more widely used in various construction projects, to provide more efficient protection waterproof professional. Bring the best service to all kinds of important building waterproof engineering system!!!

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Acceptance inspection Panther waterproof coating JS-II GB ty
Acceptance inspection Panther waterproof coating JS-II GB ty
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Address: Shenzhen City Nanshan Pine Hill Industrial Zone Fifth

Telephone: 0755-89381592

Contact: Mr. Liu (Manager)

Cell phone: 13670231456

URL: www.kelnkelp.com

Mailbox: jkheibao@126.com

Zip code: 518000

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